Is your honey raw?

Yes. After it has been extracted and run through a fine sieve to remove foreign particles such as bee parts, pollen and wax, it is ready to eat. All pure, unpasteurized honey is raw honey.

Is all your honey unpasteurized?

Yes, all of our flavoured honey is considered unpasteurized.  After filtering, it is heated to a low temperature so that fruit and spices for our flavoured honeys can be added and incorporated. The temperature never exceeds 145 degrees.

Do you outsource any of your honey production?

No. Every single jar of honey, glaze, and vinaigrette has been prepared, cooked, bottled, capped, labeled and packaged in our inspected commercial facility. The only part of our product that is outsourced is the design and printing of our labels.

Do you use honey from other producers?

No. We tend our bees with great care all season and over the winter. In exchange, they produce more than enough honey to meet our production needs. All the honey in every Beary Berry Honey product is 100% our own Alberta pure, raw honey.

Can I buy your honey in bulk?

We have 1 kg pails of our liquid and creamed honey available at all the farmers’ markets and craft shows that we attend. We also sell 3 kg and 6 kg upon request. Please contact us to make a volume purchase.

Can I buy small jars for a special events?

Yes! We do need a few weeks lead time to prepare them for you as we don’t keep a large volume of small jars in stock. We can produce small jars of almost every flavour of honey for you to add your own custom label. Please contact us for pricing and to order.

I have honey I bought from you that is past its best before date. Is it still good?

Honey never spoils and has an unlimited shelf life, but for practical purposes and government requirements, a “best before” date of two or more years is often stated. Raw honey has a very low water content (normally less than 18%), and a fairly high acidic level, which makes for very unfavorable conditions for bacteria to grow. If bacteria cannot grow in honey, then it cannot spoil.

My honey has crystallized? Is it still safe to eat?

Yes. The sugar crystals in the honey, in time will connect up as moisture in the honey gradually evaporates. This is a very good thing and a sign that you have purchased pure, unpasteurized honey. Honey that never crystallizes has been highly pasteurized or may have been cut with corn syrup (or other processed syrup). If your honey crystallizes, simply place the opened jar in a pot or bowl of very hot water. The heat will soften it enough to become spreadable again.