Certified Commercial Kitchen

Ever since Beary Berry Honey Inc. first began as a family business on our bee farm, it has been important to us to ensure that our kitchen, methods, and processes have met or exceeded industry standards.

Cooking tanks on Beary Berry Honey's Commercial Kitchen on our bee farm

We built our commercial kitchen with that in mind, making adjustments and improvements with each level of certification. It has been inspected and approved by  the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

We purchase our ingredients only from approved vendors, and perform vigilant testing of every batch of product for the presence of allergens and to verify that the pH level is safe.

Testing for allergens.

We recently underwent a many-month process to ensure our HACCP food safety management system meets international Food Safety System Certification 22000. We received our certification in July 2015.

Food Safety System Certification 22000

If you have any questions about our food safety methods, processes and certification, please feel free to contact us.